Single / Double Head(s) Notching Machine for Pallets Production

Single Head Notching Machine SF-7011

Machine Video

Machine Parameter

Parameter Value
Operator needed 1 person
Power 1 motor 15kw
Voltage 380V 3Phase 50Hz
Working length 800-1350mm
Notching thickness Max. 150mm
Notching depth Max. 65mm
Notching width Max 304.8mm
Notching speed 600pc/hour
Tolerance ≤1mm
Machine dimension L*W*H 1350*980*1100mm
Packaging dimension L*W*H 1400*1100*1200mm
Machine Weight 820kg
Control system Siemens PLC
Exhaust duct 1pc diameter 150mm
Cutter type Indexable
Cutting arc 25.4mm

Machine Details & Packing

Indexable cutters

No need to change saw blade during usage, only replace with cutter heads, each cutter contains 2 heads, if one head is not sharp or broken, rotate the cutter to another side to use other head, so can use 2 times. This design is high cost in the first, but lower cost during usage. You can buy cutter head locally or from us.

Double Heads Notching Machine SF-7013

Machine Video

Machine Parameter

Operator needed 1
Power Cutter motor, 2*15kw=30kw
Feeding motor, 0.75kw
Width adjustment motor,0.75kw
Total power, 31.5kw
Voltage 380v 50hz 3phase
Wood length 800-1500mm
Wood thickness 20-50mm
Wood height 80-120mm
Notching depth Max. 65mm adjustable
Notching width 228.6mm (9 inch) adjustable
Number of cutting blades 2pc side +14pc middle
Notching speed 1200-1800pc/h
Tolerance ≤1mm
Machine dimension L*W*H 2450*1600*1550mm
Net Weight 1400kg
Control system Siemens PLC
Exhaust duct 2pc diameter 150mm
Cutter type Indexable
Cutting arc 25.4mm

Machine Details


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