How to Use Wood Pallets

Proper use of wooden pallets The goods on the pallets are properly bundled and wrapped for mechanical handling and transport to meet loading, unloading, transport and storage requirements. The bearing area According to the type of goods, the quality of the goods carried by the wooden tray and the size of the wooden tray, reasonable determination [...]

The Styles of Pallets

Flat pallet Flat pallets are almost synonymous with pallets. As long as they talk about pallets, they generally refer to flat pallets.Because flat pallets are the most widely used, they have the largest number of uses and the best versatility. Flat pallets can be subdivided into three types: Sort by table. There are four kinds of single-sided type, single-sided [...]

How to Extend the Life of Wooden Pallets?

Types of pallets Wooden pallets Made of wood or bamboo, it is generally used for crafts or decoration. Metal pallets The general texture is stainless steel, which is often used for placing items and does not move often. Plastic pallets Due to its light weight, easy to use and anti-slip function, it is mostly used in the service industry. [...]

Advantages and Disadvantages List of All Kinds of Pallets

Wood pallet Advantages: Relatively cheap Maintenance is simple Disadvantages: Not fireproof, not waterproof, easy to get wet, prone to insects, perishable Fumigation when exporting Use timber resources Plywood pallet Advantages: Free from fumigation Neat appearance Disadvantages: Low carrying capacity Not fireproof, not waterproof A large amount of glue [...]

Wood Pallet Nailing Machine for Pallets Production

Wood Pallet leg Nailing Machine SF9022 Machine Video Machine Parameter Wood board length 800-1350mm Wood board width 80-150mm Wood board thickness 12-20mm Wood block length 80-150mm Wood block width 80-150 Wood block thickness 80-100(110)mm Wood board + wood block thickness ≦130mm Productivity 400-600pc/h Nailing gun 3pc MAX CN70 Coil nails 3000 nails/coil, [...]

Single / Double Head(s) Notching Machine for Pallets Production

Single Head Notching Machine SF-7011 Machine Video Machine Parameter Parameter Value Operator needed 1 person Power 1 motor 15kw Voltage 380V 3Phase 50Hz Working length 800-1350mm Notching thickness Max. 150mm Notching depth Max. 65mm Notching width Max 304.8mm Notching speed 600pc/hour Tolerance ≤1mm Machine dimension L*W*H 1350*980*1100mm Packaging dimension L*W*H [...]

Wood Pallet Chamfer Machine for Pallets Production

Pallet Chamfer Machine SF-703 Machine Video Machine Parameter Cutting motor 4kw Convey servo motor 1kw Hydraulic motor 2.2kw Total motor 7.2kw Voltage 380v, 3phase, 50Hz. Cutter type 45° V cutter, left and right Working length 600mm≤L≤1500mm Working thickness 17mm≤H≤35mm Working width 80mm≤W≤150mm Productivity 500-700pc/h Hydraulic pressure 0.4-0.5Mpa Control system Siemens [...]

Automatic double end trim saw machine for Pallet making

double end trim saw (SF-6023) Machine Video Machine Parameter Cutting length 500-1500mm Cut off length Left max. 95mm, right side o limit Cutting thickness Max. 120mm Cutting width Max. 200mm Feeding speed Fixed 20m/min Saw blade diameter Inside Ø30-outside Ø450-120T Cutting tolerance Less than 1mm Cutting motor 4*2kw Cutting motor [...]